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Five More Tips for Those Working from Home.

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Durning her time as a public relations professional, Mary Ellen Miller has spent a good deal of time working out of her home office.

Miller has found a great deal of success working from home by establishing routines that helped her stay organized, maximize her productivity and separate her work life from her home life. Miller

did such a thorough job of creating a clear boundary between her workspace and the rest of her house that she could tell her dog, "Go to work," and her dog would instinctively trot off to her home

office and curl up in his usual chair in the corner of the room. For those of you who suddenly find yourself working from home during this time of social distancing, Miller offers 10 tips to help

you find professional success while maintaining sanity in your personal life during this challenging time.

• Stick to your routine. Whatever you did in the morning before

you left for the office, you'll want to do when you're working

from home. Wake up at the same time. Shower, shave, or put on

makeup. Exercise, pray or meditate. In short, keep doing what you

were doing before in order to minimize disruption in your daily life.

• Keep your non-work meetings. If you belong to organizations,

do what you can to keep your meetings, albeit virtually. If you

belong to a church that is not holding Sunday services, find out

whether the church is live-streaming services online, and do what

you can to attend virtually. Stay plugged in and connected.

• Look for future trends. Once you've established a good work routine, start

looking ahead to the potential effects of the coronavirus epidemic on your industry or

sector. For example, Miller has a friend who owns a retail store in Buffalo, New York.

Her friend is starting to focus more attention on her line of baby clothing in anticipation

for a time nine months from now when a lot of couples who have been cooped up in

the house together might find themselves in the market for her goods.

• Be kind. There is plenty of stress in the world, so do what you

can to help others when possible. Check in on elderly neighbors,

and do what you can to help others get through this tough time.

• Give to the charity of your choice. Giving is an elixir that heals

both the giver and the one who receives. If you are able to give,

make sure to continue supporting the charities of your choice in

the days ahead.


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