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  • Claire McDonald

ETSU Students Learn the Importance of Networking

"As a student who is graduating in less than a month, I have learned, now more than ever, the importance of networking. Shara Lange, a Media and Communications' professor at East Tennessee State University, organizes an event where several media and communications professionals from the Johnson City area meet with last semester seniors at ETSU. At this event, students talked with each pro, got advice, and most importantly, formed relationships. For me, this event was something that gave me a peace about graduating. I am not sure where life will lead me after graduation, but I met so many kind professionals, in many different careers, that I know I can always reach out to. In the summer of 2023, I obtained my first internship which led to another internship in the fall of 2023. This event, organized by Shara, I formed a relationship with Mel. This relationship led to my third internship that allows me to explore the PR side of media. Networking is as simple as making a friend because you never know where that friend can lead you. Make friends, build relationships, and never be afraid to send the email." -- Claire McDonald, Media and Communications senior, ETSU


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