MarketingMel helps business professionals build their personal brand and increase their visibility through a variety of communications strategies.

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When it comes to creating and building a business professional’s brand MarketingMel has the savvy, know-how and experience to bring them top of mind. Generating awareness and breaking through the clutter are essential and Mel knows how to accomplish that.

Public Relations

Mel’s background in broadcast and print journalism helps her to understand the 24-7 pressure cooker that today’s journalists face. When it comes to working with journalists Mel is the go-to person.

Social Media

MarketingMel helps business professionals learn how to engage with their customers through social networking conversations. Mel helps her clients create the strategies and build the tools necessary to increase their online presence. Whether it’s tutoring them in their use of a Facebook business page, teaching them the art of tweeting or the SEO value of blogging, MarketingMel helps business pro’s raise their visibility in the digital space.

Public Speaking

Mary Ellen Miller is an in-demand public speaker. She is frequently asked to talk about social networking and its role in today’s business world. She has spoken to groups numbering in the hundreds as well as small informal groups. Contact MarketingMel to speak at your next business event.

Web site and blog development

Mel teams with some of the finest web developers in the digital space to bring clients well-designed, functional and easy-to-update web and blog sites.

Guest blogger

MarketingMel’s writing and case studies have been featured on the soloPR blog. If you are interested in a guest blogger who can write on timely subjects pertaining to social networking, marketing and public relations please contact Mel.

Crisis Communications

MarketingMel has years of experience deftly working with top executives in their crisis planning. She learned the skills as a communicator for a nuclear defense plant and has carried this training over to help other companies who want to be prepared for “the inevitable.”

Media Training

Mel prepares business professionals for the glare of the television spotlight. And in today’s YouTube world she can help pros think strategically in getting their message out across multiple platforms when and where they want to deliver it.

Political Campaigns

Since launching her business, MarketingMel successfully created the public relations, web, social media and special event strategy on a winning county mayor race. She also created the PR strategy for a winning county commission candidate.

Communications Audits

Does your company need a communications overhaul? Mel is a seasoned interviewer who can assess the state of a company’s internal and external communications and branding needs.

Audio and Video Talent Work

MarketingMel began her career in broadcast news. She is available for on-camera as well as audio work. She recently cut the audio tracks for a series of training videos where the end customer was a Fortune 500 company.