Milligan College LinkedIn Seminar and Hands-On Workshop

“The LinkedIn Seminar was very well received by our students. I’m so happy that we have a professional of your caliber and with your expertise to call upon for this service.”

Beth Anderson, Director, The Institute for Servant Leadership and Career Development at Milligan College

The ETSU Quillen College of Medicine’s 40th Anniversary Publication

‘The article you wrote is truly outstanding! My mother and all of the Allen kids are extremely appreciative. Thank you for all of the time and effort you put into it.
It is evident that you gave it a lot of thought and it is very well written.
 Thanks again!
 Charles E. Allen, Jr., CFA, CPA, CFP
The Lisa Rice for Criminal Court Judge Part 1 Campaign
“I’m just really humbled by the turnout and the margins were were able to obtain. My family has worked so hard and my campaign manager, Mel Miller. I just have so many people who put faith in me and worked so hard for me.”
Johnson City Press, May 7, 2014 

Judge Lisa Rice on the day of her swearing-in with campaign manager Mary Ellen Miller.

Judge Lisa Rice on the day of her swearing-in with campaign manager Mary Ellen Miller.

Customized Social Media One on One Training
“Thank you for sharing your expertise, knowledge and resources. I am blessed! Wishing you continued and even greater success all around.”
Dumisa Shamoya
Owner, Living Well Concierge
Mary Ellen Miller, center with Jenny Brock, right and MarketingMel intern Emma Brock (no relation.)

Mary Ellen Miller, center with Jenny Brock, right and MarketingMel intern Emma Brock (no relation.) following 2013 Turkey Trot.

Testimonial from Jenny Brock, Johnson City Commissioner:

“I first came to know Mary Ellen Miller (Mel) when she and her intern at MarketingMel began helping us pro bono with Turkey Trot public relations in 2011.
In 2013 I hired her to assist me with promotion of what became a winning campaign for the Johnson City commission.
For the 2013 Turkey Trot event we needed additional outside public relations assistance as our event continued to grow. Mary Ellen Miller and her team at MarketingMel were invaluable with their assistance in lining up media interviews, writing our news releases, contacting and lining up our event sponsors, interfacing with the media, creating our sponsor flyer and adding sponsor names and giveaways to our web site and assisting us with postings for the event’s Facebook page as well as spreading the word on twitter. Our committee believes we got a tremendous value by using MarketingMel’s media savvy.”




AddelmanKimWIL.JPG (1)Testimonial from Kim Addelman: LivingInWilliamsville.com

“You rock! Thank you for getting me in the Buffalo Homefinder. After landing in the February 9, 2013 issue I immediately received several inquiries for my free home showcasing booklet and ultimately, leads for new business. Thank you for helping me with the whole strategic marketing planning package.”


Testimonial from Suzy Cloyd: Marketing/Communications Expert:

“I have worked with Mary Ellen Miller – MarketingMel and her creative team to develop websites and social media sites.  Mary Ellen is hands on from beginning to end  with the entire process.  I appreciate and respect her knowledge regarding marketing overall.  She has a way of seeing the finished product as she works with clients, so there are no surprises…only satisfaction and results.  Mary Ellen helps with the structure and policies associated with inter-active websites and social medial so clients can use with ease and address situations that may occur during use.”

“MarketingMel produces results !”

Suzy Cloyd

Testimonial from Mary L. Crum, Assistant to the President & CEO, Free Will Baptist Family Ministries, Inc., www.fwbfm.com

“Mary Ellen and her team did an excellent job launching Free Will’s social media, new web site and new print pieces and helped us to achieve positive results by opening up those new communications channels.”

Thank You’s from MarketingMel’s Public Speaking Events:

Mary Ellen Miller speaks on the subject of personal branding and social media for business. Here are just a few of the kind thank you notes.

“Mel, thank you for taking time to help plan and organize the PR of Politics panel discussion. You did an outstanding job and your insight and expertise were extremely beneficial to our chapter. Again, thank you! You are a tremendous asset to our chapter!” Robbie Phillips, P.R.S.A. Tri-Cities President

“Thank you for sharing your tips with the Mortgage Bankers yesterday. I believe wel all took some valuable information back to the office with us. Thank you again.” Wendi Carter, TCMBA Treasurer

“Mary Ellen, I want to thank you for coming yesterday and for your presentation.  I heard …people after the meeting say that they enjoyed it.  I think that it will get many of them thinking in the area of social media if they have not been using it.  Again Thanks!’ Brad Jenkins, Tri-Cities Branch, The AGC of Tennessee

Aaron Jenson and Brad Jenkins of AGC with MarketingMel prior to her talk on Social Media for Construction Companies


“Dear Mary Ellen, Thank you so much for coming to our Women’s Council of Realtors luncheon….we loved having you and learned so much from you.” Pamela Pope, Secretary

“Thanks so much for coming to speak to us today! I look forward to learning more about personal branding.” Stephanie Dickerson

Reference Letter from Jennifer Wolfe of Wolfe Development


Dear Mel,

Thank you so much for helping me with my recent upgrade of my company website. Our site is now exciting to look at in addition to having all the information that users will need. Your advice on using social media has been a lot of help as well. I appreciate your attentiveness, enthusiasm and encouragement throughout the project. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and colleagues. Thank you!

Jennifer Wolfe
Wolfe Development

Reference Letter from Marcy Walker, past member Johnson City Commission and Johnson City Board of Education


Marcy Walker

I had full faith and confidence in Mary Ellen Miller of MarketingMel to represent me during my run for the Johnson City Commission in 2011. Her enthusiasm, professionalism and knowledge of social media are some of her major assets.  I trusted her to speak for me on my Facebook page when it was needed and throughout the campaign. Although I made it my practice to communicate directly with supporters I always trusted Mary Ellen to represent me when needed. She is a creative thinker who is very social media savvy. She also assisted me in organizing volunteers and community events at assisted living homes and she coordinated my volunteer letter writing effort. I recommend Mary Ellen and her company MarketingMel for her professionalism in communications, her ability to coordinate numerous events (and keep them all straight), and her immense knowledge of how to maximize exposure on social media.

Reference Letter from Dan Eldridge

Mel and Dan Eldridge

I got the following letter from one of my favorite clients, Mayor Dan Eldridge, who ran for and was elected Washington County Tennessee Mayor in 2010.

Letter of Reference for MarketingMel

What MarketingMel did for Dan Eldridge for Washington County Mayor Campaign

August 2009-May 4, 2010

I hired Mary Ellen Miller (MarketingMel) to assist me with the campaign public relations once I decided to run for Washington County Mayor. I had been acquainted with Mary Ellen for several years and I knew of her professionalism and I knew that we would work well together.

I was extremely pleased that Mary Ellen and her company, MarketingMel, provided a pleasant alternative to other political publicists in the Tri-Cities region. I initially asked her to help me with a news release and to represent me at public functions where I could not be present. She ended up playing a far greater role than that.

MarketingMel was in charge of all public relations and campaign PR strategy including all social media, all special event planning, oversight of both the Web site http://www.electeldridge.com and logo creation and administration of the web site.

She wrote the campaign launch announcement and oversaw ensuing press releases and created our campaign e-newsletter. She accompanied me to Editorial board meetings and other media opportunities.

She regularly interfaced with local media and planned and coordinated all special events including the campaign announcement at Grace Meadows Farm Oct 27 the election night celebration party at the Bistro May 4. 
All press announcements including media advisories.

Mary Ellen took part in all of my campaign strategy and planning sessions and Implemented all online strategy including video strategy. MarketingMel actually shot several of the videos used on the web and in TV commercials.

She created the family e-Christmas card and monthly e-newsletters and worked with the professional photographer.

She created the data base of volunteers and campaign contacts.

Mary Ellen assisted campaign co-treasurer Al Fatheree in the volunteer coordination effort for election day
Marketing Mel conducted, shot and posted videos with various members of my family for use on the Web and social media.

She represented me at the GOP dinners and gubernatorial functions when I was unable to attend.
MarketingMel was the final proofreader on all paid advertising (including direct mail, print, radio and TV!)

MarketingMel coordinated all election night media and follow up and worked with area media and accompanied them on pre-and post-interviews.

I would highly recommend Mary Ellen Miller and her company, MarketingMel as a trusted public relations strategist. Please feel free to contact me at the Washington County Mayor’s office should you have any questions about Mary Ellen and leave your phone number. I will be glad to personally call you back as her reference.


Martha Lawson, Mary Ellen Miller, Jon Lundberg and Dr. John King were the PR Pro Panelists

I just received this day brightener of a note from an ETSU college student who heard me speak on last week’s PRSA PR Pro’s Panel.  Thank you Mary Williams for your kindness!

Dear Mel,

Hello, my name is Mary Williams and I was in the group from ETSU that came to the PRSA luncheon yesterday.  I just wanted to thank you for taking time to speak to us.  I thoroughly enjoyed all of your advice and insights on PR and found it to be very beneficial not only as a student but also as I am nearing graduation and preparing to enter the “real world”.  I especially loved your comparison of Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to the specific cars.  It definitely helped me better understand those social networking tools and when to use each one appropriately.  It’s always encouraging for me to see women in successful roles and it seemed that you’re not only successful, but also enjoy what you do!

Again, thank you so much!

Mary Williams
Vice President, ETSU PRSSA

MarketingMel at ActionCoach presentation

MarketingMel at ActionCoach presentation

As you may recall September 17th I gave a presentation to ActionCoach clients who are local business owners. It was called “What me tweet? Why Business Owners Should Care about Social Networking.”  According to ActionCoaches Lee Huffman and Curt Henry the presentation got great reviews. One of the business owners, Jim Leinbach of Leinbach Services, even took time to write me this kind note which he is graciously allowing me to publish. They do everything from electrical and HVAC to handyman and janitorial services! Thanks Jim. So very glad to be of assistance to you and your company.

I was texting the office during your whole presentation for the Growth Group, telling them the next things we’re doing.

I went that day and bought Face book, Twitter, and Linked-in for dummies. We were already on Face Book and Linked-in, but after your talk were going to get better. We’re now signed up to twitter but haven’t gone far YET.

Your talk confirmed that we needed to get stronger with these.

Thank you

Jim Leinbach President
Leinbach Services