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Seeking Employment Opportunities? Google Yourself First!

If you’re trying to find a job in today’s job market take time to Google yourself! This advice was given on CNN Monday morning after an NFL referee found himself set to ref. a New Orleans Saints game when whoops! There were New Orleans Saints photos all over his Facebook page. (Wonder which way the

Ten tips to feel comfortable on camera

Editor’s Note: The following video originally appeared as a guest vlog for Maria Peagler’s blog. She requested I create this to better help her clients and students who want to feel comfortable on camera. I hope it helps you as well!

Seven Tips to create your personal brand

Editor’s note: This article was first published as a guest blog post on my friend Cathy Rodger’s blog over at 7 Waves Marketing. Let’s face it. We’re going to be moving around in our careers. The days of staying in one job for 35 years and retiring with a gold watch are over. According to

Twelve tips for twitter newbies

Several of MarketingMel’s clients are new to twitter and lots of people ask me questions about the best ways to use twitter. Since I’ve been active on twitter since September 2008 and score close to a 99 on the independent Hubspot twitter grader I thought I would share some things I’ve learned in the twitterverse that may

How to get a job in Public Relations: Eleven tips from a PR pro

It seems like every week I field a call from a desperate college student seeking my advice about how to break into public relations. I’ve answered their questions so often that I thought I would jot down a few tips that I’ve learned over my more than 20-year career in public relations. Think strategically: What

What do Social Networking and Bank Robbery have in common?

My father was an entrepreneur. He started his professional fundraising firm from the ground up and made an honest living at it. As a young girl I remember hearing him tell the story of famed bank robber Willie Sutton. Legend has it that Willie, when asked, “Why do you rob banks?” famously uttered, “Because that’s