laid off

When the kid voted "Most Likely to Succeed" loses his job

This blog, a chronicle of the pain of my recent job loss, has particularly resonated with my fellow Cornell alums on LinkedIn. I posted it on the Cornell alumni LinkedIn group and I receive daily notices from other Cornellians who have recently gone through the same stages of grief.  Since they have been posting to LinkedIn and

Pain Point

pain point n. a level of difficulty sufficient to motivate someone to seek a solution or an alternative; a problem or difficulty. Subjects: English, Business, Technology, Jargon Those two words were bantered around in my last job as often as “SEO” or “analytics.”  It was  important for marketers to know the point at which a customer would need

Pink Slip Ripple

Yesterday I was laid off from my job. Always before when I left a job it was on my own terms. This time it was on their terms. The cuts were deep and the exodus was large. One third of the workforce vanished within the last two weeks. A co-worker walked past me, head hung