Azaleas and the Master's Golf Tournament: True Signs of Spring

Azaleas and the Master’s Golf Tournament: True Signs of Spring

Ever since I was a little girl, tuning in for the back nine at Augusta National Golf Club was an annual family ritual and rite of spring. Back then I watched the azalea-covered Master’s golf course on television with my grandfather. He would always cheer for “the young guys.” Each year he taught me to encourage the up and coming generation of golf champions. “It’s time for the new, young guys to win,” my grandfather would say. “The other guys have had their time in the spotlight.”

Grampa must have been smiling from heaven Sunday as my 12-year-old son and I watched a new, young Master’s champion, 21-year-old Jordan Spieth, make his way up #18 and into the history books. Spieth tied Tiger Woods’ record of 18- under-par for 72 holes and did it by winning round after round, keeping himself atop the leader board. As Spieth said later, he “put a target” on his back for the other pro’s to take aim. They didn’t come close.

Tuesday morning I watched Spieth, garbed in his freshly tailored green jacket, interviewed on the CBS Morning News. I thought the comments he made were applicable not only to winning at golf, but to business as well.

1 – Visualize Your Goals: Spieth said he visualized winning the Masters and walking up to the 18th green as a winner, particularly for the past year. That’s because one year ago he tied for second after losing to Bubba Watson. His new dream had a different winner this time around. For more short term goals, he visualizes each shot and where it will land before he ever takes it.

2 – Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing: Spieth stayed focused on his goal for each day, namely winning that day. He wasn’t concerned with outside influences like tying or even for a brief time in the final round, beating, Tiger Woods’ record. He just focused on what he had to do to win the tournament.

3 – Never Let Them See You Sweat: When asked about his “cool as a cucumber” persona, Spieth said even if he’s worried on the inside he doesn’t let his competitors know it. “They’ll seize on the weakness” he says. “They’re the best in the world.”

4 – Stay Humble, Even in Greatness: The new champion’s humility is refreshing. When asked about his name (his father named him for basketball legend Michael Jordan) the question was asked, why golf and not basketball? Spieth laughed, “Have you ever seen my basketball game?” Frankly, that kind of self-effacing humor and likeability will earn him more in the long run than any amount of bragging could possibly bring his way.

Thanks for the business and life lessons Jordan Spieth. You are definitely a champion.

In case you missed the interview with the 2015 Master’s Champion here it is. Even if you don’t play golf it’s worth it to watch. What can you learn from this champion?

photo credit: DSC_0425 via photopin (license)

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