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Recently a prospective client called on me to help him build his personal brand.  In assessing his needs, I quickly saw that there were five things he could do immediately to start building up his social media presence. Here are five ideas for branding yourself.

1- Have a professional photo made, and use it! I am actually amazed by the business professionals who contact me via LinkedIn who appear as grey silhoutees on the page. Remember you are projecting an online image at all times, like it or not. Once you get that photo be sure to sign up on Gravatar so it will appear whenever you comment on others’ blogs.

2- Create an e-mail signature: Every time you send an e-mail (and ditto for an invoice) it is an opportunity to brand. Decide what information you regularly want people to have about you and put it in the signature. Be sure to get clients’ feedback on this. I added my phone number to my signature when I first started my business at client request.

3- Enlist your “Rolodex”: I have to chuckle when people still refer to their contact lists as a “Rolodex.” While I can’t remember the last time I used one of those spinning lists of business cards, the point is you do have contacts somewhere. Capitalize on that list through an opt-in e-newsletter.

4- Use LinkedIn’s Questions, Answers and Groups: If you haven’t read Jon Moss’s superb guest blog piece that’s a How-to LinkedIn “Ten Ways to Totally Rock LinkedIn in 2012” please be sure to do so. Then use LinkedIn to your advantage to gain visibility as an influential thought leader.

5- Post Regularly: There are different schools of thought on how often to post but be sure to keep your contacts well informed with your valuable professional insights.

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With one in nine people on Earth now on Facebook I’m sure you are considering the best ways to keep a positive business presence out on the social networking giant. If you’re like me, you sometimes get “stuck” looking for content for your Facebook Business page. Well here are three great content creation ideas that I learned from Jodi Santangelo at a Fred Pryor Facebook training session yesterday.  By the way I have no business interest with Jodi or Fred Pryor I was just very impressed with Jodi as a speaker and the Facebook information she presented was very easy to digest with some great take aways.

Here are the three content creation tips along with the amount of time that should be spent in each area on your Facebook business page.

1- Educate (40 percent): Let people know about your business. Check out your trade associations on Facebook to see what they are doing and share their valuable content. Be sure to search and like their pages. Create strategic partners. Share and personalize the information. (I have two wonderful strategic partners, Maria Peagler of Social Media Online Classes and Cathy Conder Rogers of Seven Waves Marketing who’ve been guest bloggers and master minders with me since the start of my business.)

2- Engage (40 percent): Interaction is key. What’s the best way to find out about people? Ask questions! Don’t be boring. Remember that Facebook is actually ranking your pages. To learn more check out EdgeRank. Also, Jodi recommended having a QR code connected to your business’ Facebook url located at the cash register of retail establishments. This will engage people direct from their mobile devices. Here’s a link to a free QR code site that I’ve used.

3- Entice (20 percent): It’s OK to promote yourself and your product (sometimes) but don’t do any hard selling or you’ll drive people away. The example Jodi used (and coincidentally one I also use in public speaking) is that you wouldn’t walk up to someone at a cocktail party and say, “Hi I’m ___ buy from me!” One positive example she used was a company that had a once a week Facebook coupon and promoted that. That’s actually a great use of enticement on Facebook because your audience is getting something in return for their engagement.

Bonus Facebook Business Tip: Jodi suggested creating a social media calendar for all of your postings and using the social media scheduling tool HootSuite to help you plan your posts. She also said to be sure to personalize your posts.

What content creation tips have you found useful on your Facebook business page? I’d love to hear from you. And if you’d like to connect with me on my Facebook business page for daily social networking tips please join me!


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