Maria Peagler

Maria Peagler


Editor’s note: This guest post is by Maria Peagler (@SM_OnlineClass), founder of SocialMediaOnlineClasses.com, providing 24/7 online courses (where I guest teach twitter) and mastermind consulting on social media tools and strategies. After meeting on twitter, Maria and I created our own social media mastermind group and, although we have never met in person, we share ideas regularly via Skype and we hang out together on Google+. 

I hear a common theme among my clients: “Help! I’ve got a Facebook page but don’t know what to do with it.”

Sound familiar? This is especially true for the small business owner, who is already a jack-of-all-trades and now needs to add social media guru to that entrepreneurial tool belt. You’ve built a great brand; let people get to know it using these Facebook 10 Commandments that put you and your company in the place of most potential.

These guidelines cover a wide range of techniques, from starting out with the correct account type, to claiming a custom URL for ease of use and increased SEO, to incorporating your new social media platform into all of your marketing strategies. Don’t feel like you need to tackle them all at once: set small goals, about one per week, and by the end of 4th quarter 2011, you’ll have an outstanding presence on Facebook, and you’ll reap the rewards in 2012.



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