In the ranks of new social sites Pinterest has taken the world by storm. With well over 100 million users, Pinterest now ranks #3 in popularity behind Facebook and twitter. The visual pinning site has captured the imaginations of American women like nothing I ever recall seeing. If you’re not on Pinterest picture the pin-boards that you used to have in your college dorm room. Take those boards, pump them up on steroids and add in some breathtaking collages and you’ve got Pinterest!

Today I was at the dentist’s office busily pinning as I sat captive in the chair. The girls in the office noticed me pinning and that began a conversation about our mutual enjoyment of the site. I asked them what they liked about it and one immediately said “recipes.” The other said she doesn’t pin, rather she just looks at what others do there. That got me pondering some of the things that I like about Pinterest.

1. It’s eye candy: Pinterest reminds me of scrap booking or perhaps the old fashioned quilting bees. I can talk with friends at the same time I’m doing this. It’s relaxing and relatively mindless and yet I get something beautiful to look at when I’m done.

2. It’s a source for great ideas: Whether it’s food and recipes or thoughts for a child’s birthday party, someone is willing to visually share their ideas with you here.

3. You get to follow cool people: I have “met” people on Pinterest that I really wish I knew “IRL.” At least I feel I know them through the beautiful images they post. Right now I often head straight to one woman’s page and look at her lovely “pins” and every time I discover more commonalities that we share. (And oh, by the way I have never met her.)

4. It’s a great thing to do when you’re killing time: Those dog eared magazines at the hairdresser and doctor’s office may take a beating but Pinterest is a fascinating way to “pass the time” while waiting for others. The opposite of this, that it can potentially be *very* addictive holds true as well. Be careful with your time and maybe just allot yourself the time spent in waiting rooms and under hairdryers as Pinterest time.

5. It’s super easy! It’s so easy to pin and to re-pin content. It’s also easy to search for people or for topics of interest. Visual sharing is now just a pin away.

What are some of the things you love about Pinterest? Please let me know what you enjoy about it via the comments section. I’d also like to hear how and if you are using Pinterest for business.

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