Dan Eldridge

How to make your client successful: PR, Politics and Social Media

(Editor’s note: This article first was published as a guest blog post for SoloPR on October 25, 2010.) “All politics is local” Tip O’Neill Dan Eldridge, a highly successful local businessman, called me seemingly out of nowhere one day to tell me he was planning to run for County Mayor in Washington County, Tennessee. This

Newly elected Washington County Commissioner endorses MarketingMel

It was great to receive this letter of endorsement from Washington County Commissioner David Tomita who was sworn into office last week. “I hired MarketingMel after getting acquainted with her during the highly successful Dan Eldridge Campaign for Washington County Mayor. I saw what she was able to do for Dan, who like me, had

Lesson #1 from the campaign trail: Assemble a winning team

I learned many things from Dan Eldridge as I watched the now Washington County-Mayor elect over the past nine months.  His first rule was, “always surround yourself with good people.” I held my breath each time he would say that knowing that I was part of the campaign team. Creating the PR,  social media, web site, and

MarketingMel quoted in Kingsport Times-News on Social Media for Business

It was nice to wake up Sunday and see the alert for the Kingsport Times-News article on Social Media Marketing with quotes from MarketingMel. It’s been an unusual few days. I had an undergraduate student interview me about social media for her ETSU term paper. Then the article appeared in the Kingsport Times-News Sunday. Then

MarketingMel: A Year in Review for the start-up PR Firm

It was a year of firsts and opportunity for MarketingMel. I got to achieve what so many people only dream of: the launch of my own business. As people, including me, streamed out the doors of my former employer last February I did what my father taught me long ago. “When life gives you lemons,