Self-Destruction WeinerI recently introduced a real-world colleague as someone “I met on twitter.” When I mentioned that to another person, who spends very little time on social media, she said, “With the Weiner scandal you better watch what you say.” Well, with all due respect ma’am, not exactly. You see, had Weiner understood the reality of twitter and its broadcast and sharing capabilities, perhaps the New York congressman would not be in the hot water he finds himself in today. The point is, my public relations and marketing work world is now located, for the most part, online. As CK Kerley said when I interviewed her in Knoxville in April, we now live in two worlds at all times. I have many colleagues whom I’ve met only online. Yet we share fabulous information regularly and have, in many cases, become friends. This TNW article highlighting the future of social media brings out that point. It links to the fantastic Amsterdam keynote by social media evangelist Robert Scoble that is well worth watching. It covers our dual world life, including increasing Klout scores and buying stock in others. How does your life now straddle two worlds?

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MarketingMel with Trey Pennington at SoSlam

MarketingMel with Trey Pennington at SoSlam

It’s been two weeks since I spent a fabulous day with other social-media crazed marketing and public relations professionals. The place was Knoxville, Tenn. and the event was SoSlam.

Now that I’ve had some time to reflect, here were my top takeaways from a few of my favorite speakers.

From Trey Pennington:
It’s not all about us. It’s all about you.You don’t want to get the message out, rather you want to get the message in. The old way was about controlling the message. Now it’s about hearing the message’s sender.

From Deb Weinstein:
Be innovative/unexpected/newsmaking
Be integrated
Be credible (human, honest, humble and helpful)
Be relevant. Craft a useful story and tell it to the right people
From Anne Gallaher:
Follow a range of opinions. (Anne likes The Economist.)
Always use your face when possible, not your logo.
From CK Kerley:
Our mobile devices will be our first screens within three to five years.
We now spend more than half our day consuming media
We simultaneously live and work in two worlds at all times.

The best part of the event was the opportunity to go “IRL” with some peeps I’ve followed for quite some time on twitter. As Glen Gilmore said you want to surround yourself with thought leaders. Well, Knoxville was a veritable smorgasboard of social media thought leaders April 13th. Looking forward to the 2012 conference. Hats off to Mark Schaeffer and the other event planners who made the event such a success.

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