I’ll start with a confession. I follow Charlie Sheen.

OK, it’s out in the open now. I’ve joined the 2.1million others who follow the champion of TigerBlood on twitter. (There were only about a million of us when I first started following him last week.)

So why am I following a man who keeps imploding at every turn? All it takes is a stop-off in the check-out line at the local grocery store and a view of the magazines on display to see that people are intrigued by celebrities, particularly those who have gotten into some sort of trouble. As a Public Relations pro, it’s been fascinating to watch first Charlie’s long-time publicist Stan Rosenfield quit, and then Charlie become his own media man. Sure, he’s looking for a social media intern but what I’ve observed over the past week it’s all Charlie behind (and in front of) the curtain.

Today CBS announced they’d parted ways with him yet my husband and I just sat mesmerized at the latest live  SheensKorner (Charlie’s Ustream video). Perhaps it is because of the giant gulf between our “everyday” lives and those of a self-proclaimed winner. To what do you attribute our celebrity obsessed culture? Is it a case of “The bigger they are the harder they fall?”

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