Job Loss

Lemonade: Autobiographical for MarketingMel

The movie Lemonade speaks to me on many different levels. On February 19th it will be one year since I was given “my wings” from a digital marketing agency and with that, the chance to fly. If you haven’t seen the 35 minute movie about what creatives do in life post-agency watch it here. It

MarketingMel: A Year in Review for the start-up PR Firm

It was a year of firsts and opportunity for MarketingMel. I got to achieve what so many people only dream of: the launch of my own business. As people, including me, streamed out the doors of my former employer last February I did what my father taught me long ago. “When life gives you lemons,

MarketingMel to speak at Times-News Women's Expo

Women’s Expo 2009 is this Saturday and Sunday at Meadowview. I am honored to be in the company of some distinguished speakers. I will be presenting during the portion called “Tips, Tools & Resources for Competing in Today’s Environment.” Here’s the line up of topics: 10 am: Social Networking and Hot to Use it in Today’s Market,

When the kid voted "Most Likely to Succeed" loses his job

This blog, a chronicle of the pain of my recent job loss, has particularly resonated with my fellow Cornell alums on LinkedIn. I posted it on the Cornell alumni LinkedIn group and I receive daily notices from other Cornellians who have recently gone through the same stages of grief.  Since they have been posting to LinkedIn and

MarketingMel-Prepared to Launch

      OK guys. Enough of the wallowing in self pity found in my first couple of blog posts. MarketingMel is prepared to launch!  The marketing and PR enterprise I have dreamed of for years is now taking shape. Yesterday former colleague Tim Story and I sat at Panera (my new office away from

Add One to the Unemployment Numbers

      Today I filed for unemployment. That sounds absolutely ghastly. Never in my career have I had to do such a thing but at the strong urging of  both my husband and brother (“You earned it. You deserve it!”) I made my way to the Tennessee Department of Labor website and filled out

Pain Point

pain point n. a level of difficulty sufficient to motivate someone to seek a solution or an alternative; a problem or difficulty. Subjects: English, Business, Technology, Jargon Those two words were bantered around in my last job as often as “SEO” or “analytics.”  It was  important for marketers to know the point at which a customer would need

Pink Slip Ripple

Yesterday I was laid off from my job. Always before when I left a job it was on my own terms. This time it was on their terms. The cuts were deep and the exodus was large. One third of the workforce vanished within the last two weeks. A co-worker walked past me, head hung