AlexMelInstagramIf you enjoy watching communications trends then you know that young people are all about visual social media channels. The more pictures and videos, the better! One of their favorites is Instagram. This photo-sharing social site is growing at a faster rate than twitter. Recently, MarketingMel was called on to assist a client with her Instagram presence.  Public Relations Intern Alex Quillin (who is 20 and loves Instagram) was given the assignment and received rave reviews from our client. Alex first had a customized one-on-one social media training session with the client. Then she created this handy step-by step how-to-guide to Instagram as a follow up piece. The client loves having this to refer to as she continues to build her personal brand on social media channels.

Instagram How-To

How are you/your children using Instagram? For business or fun? (Note: My tween LOVES Instagram and uses it daily to communicate with friends and even share homework!) Please comment!

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8 Responses to “Trends: A How-to-guide to Instagram”

  1. jessica says:

    Great job Alex & Mel. I use instagram primarily for sharing what I’m doing/branding and since my work is “living my life” I use it for that as well.

  2. Providing a useful How To Guide is a great value add.
    Your intern has hit on a sweet for many people by creating
    a simple easy to follow How To Guide. Well done!

  3. Very helpful instructions for when/if I ever use Instagram!

  4. I’ve primarily used Instagram for quick pics and for personal use. I haven’t used it much for business but know that I should.

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