Be sure the CEO has media training.

Be sure the CEO has media training.

Human Resources Directors can suddenly find themselves on the front line of a crisis battlefield during the course of a routine workday. Just take a look at any newscast or twitter feed and you will find companies in crisis from cyber attacks to corporate takeovers and workplace violence.

This week a client invited me to speak with her regional Human Resources Directors group about the steps to take in a crisis. Here is the presentation that I gave. The HR Directors particularly enjoyed the interactive scenario at the end in which three teams created their own crisis communications plans within a short time period.

Do you have additions, questions or comments about what you would do in a crisis? I would love to hear from you before I present this again to our Chamber of Commerce leaders later this month.

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12 Responses to “Crisis Communications for Human Resources Directors”

  1. Jessica says:

    I love slide 18 Marketing Mel never says “no comment” It’s good to know that I know you in case of a crisis 😉

  2. I used to run crisis communication courses for senior officials at DOE sites. Your “never say no comment” is spot on!

  3. Love this PPT visual, Sue. I agree with the feedback about “never say no comment.” This is translated to mean… we have something to hide. Then, the media will dig dig dig to find it. I think it’s important to train the CEO to be the PR face of the company and train every employee how to respond if they are approached by the media.

  4. During the corporate portion of my career, I was given one on one training from one of the top Public Relations Coaches at the time in order to be ready to step in as needed if a crisis arose. What a great experience!

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