New Year, Small Changes

ToDoListIt’s time to roll out another new year and with it all of the hopes and changes that a new season brings. Old man 2014 withers and fades and the bouncing new baby of January 2015 is upon us. So many times we think “big” when we think of the changes we’re going to make in the new year. Perhaps that’s why gym memberships balloon like December waistlines each January, only to fall off once the sore muscles and routine of discipline sets in.

Instead of declaring broad, sweeping changes like to “lose 20 pounds in two weeks” or “win the lottery” what if we take time to examine our lives and make one, small change? That’s right. Just one, small change that we can implement daily.

In 2014 I did something so simple that not only worked, it streamlined my life. I’m delighted to share this tip with you. (I learned it from Success Magazine publisher Darren Hardy.)

Each night before you go to sleep, write down and PLAN the following day! Simple right? But it works. If you actually wait until the new day is upon you (as I did for years!) you will feel overwhelmed.  Write down the night before what the next day will look like. Quite simply, plan ahead. You will be amazed how much more smoothly the day will flow and how accomplished you will feel when you chart your course the night before.

What are some simple and small tips that you will be using to meet your goals in the new year?


  • Sue Painter says:

    I so agree about structuring things the night before. I do that on Sunday evening for the week as best I can, too. Great and simple tip with profound results.

    • maryellen says:

      Sue, since both you and Tandy mentioned it I am going to work on seeing the week ahead starting on Sunday while still maintaining the night-before scheduling. Thanks for the idea!

  • Great article about taking small steps each day. I SO agree about planning things out and generally plan things each night for the next day. Actually, what I’ve started doing is planning each day of the week on Sunday night. Then, if I need to carry items forward, I will but it keeps me on task. As I started 2015, I just created my own calendar to keep things structured. I’m hoping it works for me! Little steps….

  • Jessica says:

    I am especially giddy this New Years! That baby new year is a beauty and so is your suggestion!

  • I love the simplicity of it! thanks for sharing

  • Heidi Alexandra The Company Culture and Brand Architect says:

    I love the smell of a fresh new year and this year was the 11th year I performed my ritual of writing my annual gratitude letter to project the year ahead. I love the simplicity of the night before plan and will incorporate that simple tip along with my nightly 5-10 minutes of yoga and stretching – ahhhh

    • maryellen says:

      Thank you Heidi. I’m glad you found this tip useful. I am launching my year with 30 days of gratitude study each morning!

  • Great tip, and I’ll add: imagine it all going smoothly and well for you. Imagine and feel into having a great day with all you have planned. Powerful!

    XOXO, Katherine.

    • maryellen says:

      Katherine I love your superb addition! Imagining the day going smoothly is fantastic in one’s visualization.

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