Mary Ellen Miller of MarketingMel, and Dr. Stephen Marshall of ETSU award the new scholarship to Alex Quillin.

Mary Ellen Miller and Dr. Stephen Marshall of ETSU award the new MarketingMel PR scholarship to Alex Quillin.

As any of you who reads this blog regularly knows I am a HUGE believer in supporting the next generation of Public Relations professionals. Last week I had the opportunity to take that support to the next level by teaming with the newly created Mass Communications department at ETSU to establish and award its first scholarship: The MarketingMel Public Relations Scholarship. I am delighted to announce that my new intern, Alex Quillin, is the first recipient of this award! Alex is one of the most level headed 19 year olds I have ever met with a strong entrepreneurial bent and a bright future ahead of her. She is as smart as she is beautiful, carrying a 3.8 GPA and already a junior in semester hours. Dr. Stephen Marshall, one of MarketingMel’s advisory board members, is the newly named department chair. He joined me on campus for the ceremony announcing Alex’s scholarship. To read the full story on the ETSU web site and to see what great jobs the previous four interns have moved on to, please click here.


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8 Responses to “MarketingMel Sponsors New ETSU PR Scholarship”

  1. Sue Painter says:

    This is so awesome, Mary Ellen! Congrats on taking the step to lend a hand to future PR professionals.

  2. Jessica says:

    Love that you have created this scholarship Mary Ellen! It’s inspiring to see that there are ways to give back that lead the way for the next generation of entrepreneurs and in your case PR Professionals!

  3. What a fabulous gesture and what a wonderful opportunity for Alex!

    Well done Mary Ellen!

  4. Very cool, Mary Ellen! What an awesome way to continue supporting the next generation of leaders in your field!

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