Johnson City Morning Rotary Club members present a check to the Salvation Army.

One of the best things I have done since going into business five years ago, was to join Rotary International. Specifically, I joined the Johnson City Morning Rotary in January at the invitation of my strategic planning consultant, Rebecca Henderson. While I have been a part of other civic clubs in the past, with its motto of “service above self” Rotary stands alone as a top-notch service organization. Just last week we presented our club’s quarterly donation to the Johnson City Salvation Army, one of many fine charities that benefit from the hard work and fundraising abilities of our members.


When my friend Vivian Crymble heard that I was now a Rotarian she and Dick Ray asked me to provide some Facebook communications tips for the club at the district level. Vivian is the district governor for Rotary 7570 (She’s over 85 Clubs from Roanoke, Virginia through Northeast Tennessee.) Both she and associate district governor Dick Ray have found these tips useful and I hope you will too!

  1. Each of the 61 admins of the unit pages needs to “like” the district 7570 page.
  1. The district page needs to “like” all the other unit pages and interact with the. Example: I posted a photo of Vivian on the Johnson City Morning Rotary page. It would be great if the district page could comment on that.
  1. Keep up to date cover shots; comment on other page’s cover shots.
  1. Be sure to tag people (the more people you tag, the more exposure the photo gets)
  1. Play off a theme. Example: This year’s Rotary conference theme at the Homestead in Hot Springs, Virginia is “The Faces of Rotary.” Start X number of days before the annual conference and feature a “face” on a weekly basis.  Event-related posts gets people excited for the upcoming event and will get them “talking” online.
  1. Sharing posts from The District page as well as the District sharing posts from the unit pages will connect the two and should result in new “likes” for both parties.
  1. The more interaction the page has, the more exposure the page gets.  Get more interaction by posting photos, questions, event details, etc.)


I hope you find these tips helpful. Do you have others to add? What’s worked in terms of social media for your favorite club or organization, particularly when planning an event?


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11 Responses to “Seven Ideas to Help Rotary and Your Business with Facebook”

  1. This is a great one: “Start X number of days before the annual conference and feature a “face” on a weekly basis. Event-related posts gets people excited for the upcoming event and will get them “talking” online”

    I worked well for my recent summit

    I also found that images with useful quotes helped a lot – to get conversations going and for sharing

  2. I liked these tips and can see how this would be applicable for any group on a social media platform. Good strategies, thank you for sharing.

  3. I’ve posted these on Google+ Mary Ellen. They are great tips because most service organizations don’t do a great job with social media. Thanks!

  4. Great tips, Mary Ellen. I agree that interaction is key. It is so important to post content that really gets your audience excited and/or keeps them informed about things they care about.

  5. Heidi Alexandra The Company Culture and Brand Architect says:

    Such simple tips but so often overlooked – I agree with Sue that many service organisations and not-for-profits operating on a shoe string budget often miss out on the exposure opportunities that these low cost platforms provide

  6. Jessica says:

    I’m always so impressed by how diverse your clients are. These are great tips for them as well as others who I will share this with.

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