Infographic: How to Create a Perfect Social Media Post

Image: My Clever Agency

Image: My Clever Agency

Are you a perfectionist like me? (Hey, I’m a Virgo, what can I say.) Well, I ran across this excellent infographic from “my clever agency” (don’t you love that name?) that tells us how to create a perfect social media post. Thanks to Mark Ragan at PR Daily for drawing my attention to it. I thought it was really terrific and would be worthwhile for my readers.

mycleveragency Social Media Perfect Post Infographic
Social Media Perfect Posts Infographic is an infographic that was produced by mycleveragency

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  • Love this Graphic! You know I never thought about the length of a link being influential, but that makes sense! The Pinterest facts are fun/interesting too! Guess I will be pinning more RED!

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