Super Bowl Commercials: Twitter, The REAL 2013 Champion

The following is a guest blog post by MarketingMel associate Sarah Kinsler.

Twitter Hashtags and TV

Twitter Hashtags and TV

Last year CBS reported more than 108.4 million people tuned in for the Super Bowl. Of those viewers, many were chatting it up on Twitter.  Over 24 million game day related tweets were posted during the event. Between Beyonce’s performance with a surprise visit by the other members of Destiny’s Child and the 35-minute blackout, users had LOTS to talk, or should I say Tweet about.

The Super Bowl is a prime example of how social media is changing how we watch television. We are no longer just watching, we are communicating. Social sites such as Twitter makes it possible to share your insights, opinions and questions with others across the world. We aren’t just sharing our thoughts with those in our living room anymore.

The development of hashtags (a way for users to organize and search tweets by marking them with a #) has made it possible for users to collaborate their views and engage in conversation with others about popular shows.  Every week millions of people tune in to their favorite shows and login on to Twitter. Shows like The Bachelor, Lost and numerous sporting events gain so much social media attention, their hashtags often are the top ones on Twitter. (This is known as trending)

The presence of social media is forever changing our communication habits. While the technology is fascinating, I can only help but what wonder about the future of interpersonal communication. What do you think? Are you a “Tweet-a-holic” or like to keep your conversations face to face?

MarketingMel Associate Sarah Kinsler

MarketingMel Associate Sarah Kinsler


Sarah Kinsler is a member of the MarketingMel team. She creates marketing, public relations and social media strategies for Mel’s diverse group of business clients. 



  • Sue Painter says:

    To me watching the Tweet stream during a TV show is like having a bunch of people on your virtual couch – everyone talking about what they see, what they think – just like in real life. 🙂

  • Bill Painter says:

    I prefer face to face,but the trend in business is often going to email and phone just because of travel costs.

  • I used to use Twitter I lot more than I do now, but I love tweeting AND communicating face-to-face. I don’t think I’d want to give up either.

  • Okay, I’ll confess. I’m kinda of a “Tweetaholic”. I love being able to communicate via Tweet with anyone in the world. Sue, I agree it’s like a bunch of people on a virtual couch!

    Bill, you are totally right. Email and phone calls can save a company lots of money!

    However, I do see the lack of face to face communication becoming a problem. Interpersonal communication is very important and with apps like Twitter and texting, it almost eliminates face to face or even voice calls. I think Tiffany is right. I like face to face and tweeting. Both are important in their own ways!

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