Old Glory waves at our Tennessee home

Old Glory waves at our Tennessee home

What could be more All-American than ice cream, apple pie and changing trends? Yes a fickle public is probably as common in the U.S. as watermelon on the 4th of July.

Recently WFHG Supertalk Radio Host Steve Hawkins called to ask me to discuss the latest trends in both social media and interpersonal communications. Just click on the top link next to Steve’s face and crank up your speakers a bit to hear the podcast of our interview since it took place from my mobile phone.

Steve and I cover the gamut,from what to post and what not to post online, what to watch in youth trends and what to wear on camera! Now that we’re officially at the half way point in the year let’s take a moment to reflect on our successes and enjoy. Have a wonderful 4th of July week friends!





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4 Responses to “Will Facebook Become an 8-Track Player? Social Media Trends Podcast”

  1. Great info, Mel. I especially love your 10 tips on video presentation.

  2. I am not sure that it will be an 8-track, but I do think it will follow music trends and fragment (rock, heavy metal, R&B, etc.) where groups will find a preference as each new media is developed and hits the marketplace. What do you think?

    • maryellen says:

      Bill I think your point about fragementation and therefor smaller, niche markets is correct. I am hearing more and more about customization.

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