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Casey Knox, Area 203

Casey Knox knows the power of personal branding. One of the featured speakers during last month’s Southeastern Public Relations Society 12 conference in Chattanooga, Casey led her presentation by talking about the power of personal branding. (If you want to see some phenomenal tips check out her SlideShare presentation: Digital PR, Toolkits, Reputation, and Search Matter More than Ever Before.) After her talk, two college students desiring careers in public relations, gathered around Casey, asking her for advice. The communications director of Area 203, a Chattanooga agency, gave this advice to the soon-to-be graduates: build your personal brand. I had the opportunity to interview Casey during SEPRSA#12. This week I’ll share the first part of that interview with you.


  • Bill Painter says:

    I can see that in the service/internet marketing business, it is more important to have a personal brand than a product brand.

  • Sue Painter says:

    I guess I’ve always believed that everything one does in business and personal life drives toward reputation and reach in the community, which to me is personal branding. It’s just who you are!

  • Casey Knox says:

    Great comments! I think in some industries, product/service brands need to be cognizant of the personal brands of their employees. Southwest Airlines has an amazing employee-generated content strategy. It’s a strategic way of truly bringing humanity to your product/service brand, beyond just having a conversational presence on social media sites. The concept of “people as media” includes a brand’s customer base as well as the employees that work for it.

    Casey Knox
    AREA203 Digital

    • maryellen says:

      Casey thanks so much for allowing me to interview you on this subject that’s near and dear to both of our hearts. The concept of “people as media” is a good one and of course sometimes the employee’s personal brand becomes larger than the company itself!

  • Thanks for the great advice. It’s so important to make sure that the “you” you would like to project matches the “you” that others see and know.

    • maryellen says:

      Tiffany you are so right there should not be a disconnect and personal branding is all about how others perceive you!

  • Public perception is really critical in branding. In this age where social media dominates our everyday life, Having a good image in the internet is a great leverage to have a successful brand.

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