If you’re trying to find a job in today’s job market take time to Google yourself! This advice was given on CNN Monday morning after an NFL referee found himself set to ref. a New Orleans Saints game when whoops! There were New Orleans Saints photos all over his Facebook page. (Wonder which way the close calls would have gone in that game?) CNN Anchorwoman Christine Romans talks about someone who lost out on a $200,000 per year job because he wasn’t aware of his personal brand. Don’t get caught losing out on great employment opportunities because you’re not aware of your personal brand!

Coincidentally, this is the *exact* advice Maria Peagler of SocialMediaOnlineClasses.com and I recommended to our Personal Branding webinar listeners during two live sessions last week. The action item, “Google Yourself” is one of 15 bricks in a pyramid of action steps we created with advice on polishing personal brands. You can still watch our free personal branding webinar here. You can also join those who’ve tried and loved our personal branding  toolkit that Maria and I have created.  Just Monday I used one of the tools in the tool kit in a brainstorming session with a client and he loved it!  Follow our easy steps to personal branding success so you don’t miss out on a $200,000 job opportunity!

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11 Responses to “Seeking Employment Opportunities? Google Yourself First!”

  1. I so agree with this. Part of your biz plan should be to Google yourself and your business at least quarterly!

  2. Sue – Google & LinkedIn have become the human resources database of the 21st century. Instant background check at your laptop, done in about 30 seconds.

    Agree with quarterly check – especially if you’re putting a lot of resources out there. You want to see where they appear.

  3. Indeed … the power of personal purpose (brand). A coaching client of mine is in the running for CEO at his company. He told me yesterday how the first part of his upcoming interview is to state his Brand. Keep on branding us Mel.

    • maryellen says:

      Jeff, that is so fascinating and verifies what Maria and I have created with our personal brand training. Perhaps the prospective CEO needs to review our information!

    • maryellen says:

      Jeff, I’m so delighted that your coaching client knows and understands the power of personal branding!

  4. Good advice. It’s amazing what some people put on tgheir FaceBook page.

  5. Oh my. Bummer for him! I Google myself, Brian, our close family, and our kids at minimum once a month. You just never know … I think people don’t understand that they’re not checking to see if the stuff they post shows up, but to see what things others may have posted come up.

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