Personal Branding: The Power of a Name

MarketingMel is seen here with a couple of smart marketers: Ben Mezrich and Cathy Rodgers. Not everyone at this conference was so savvy.

My good friend Maria Peagler of SocialMediaOnlineClasses and I are currently  creating a webinar on personal branding.  We’ll be providing extensive follow-up materials to those who attend the webinar.  To get things launched for our September debut I share with you this real-life story of the power of branding on this one-minute video. It’s about the impact something as simple as your twitter name can have on other business professionals. I’ll post more details about the upcoming webinar here on this blog soon. Meanwhile, do you have some examples of your own of good (or bad) personal branding? Please share them in the comments here.


  • Jeff Brunson says:

    Thaniks for reminding us to keep things simple in “all” branding efforts. And I bet you are going to remind us to keep it focused on the ‘what’ – on others …

    • maryellen says:

      Jeff, you are so right about keeping the “others” in mind. Our clients are so important. Helping them to remember us and not have to struggle is a kindness.

  • Bill Painter says:

    Good application of the K.I.S.S. philosophy.

  • Branding is such an undervalued, underestimated strategy. Your brand is your reputation, the thing you are known for and associated with … it is how you’re perceived, how you’re thought of, how people feel when interacting with you and your business. It’s how you show up in the written, visual, and verbal forms.

    When consulting with our branding clients on their brand strategy, design, and approach, I often explain that your brand (when built the right way) is what gives you the power to stop chasing clients and instead get them chase you!

    Jennifer Bourn, Bourn Creative

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