MarketingMel speaks to ETSU's P.R.S.S.A student chapter

Last year’s blog post “How to Find a Job in Public Relations” was extremely popular, particularly with college students preparing to head out into the workforce. So I decided to turn it into a less-than-three minute video with the hope of helping even more people along the way.  For the pro’s viewing this, please share any tips you would like to add for our recent college graduates who are looking for communications jobs. Thanks!

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9 Responses to “How to Find a Job in Public Relations (Video)”

  1. A Tip to add from an old dude with diverse experiences; Be Real. Good directive advice recommending Buckingham.

  2. Sarah Rowan says:

    Mel! What an informative and helpful video! Spot on! I learned from the best!

  3. I think these tips are great for anyone trying to break into a new field, not only those wanting to be in PR. Great video!

  4. Great tips, Mel. Your videos are always wonderfully done.

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