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This week I get to participate in the 3six5 project. It is an international blogging project written in the style of  daily journal entries from 365 different people. 365 days, 365 points of view.  Each person telling the story of their day with a 365 word limit of course. I am eagerly looking forward to writing since the day that was assigned to me will coincidentally be a very special and important day. More on that as the day, the project and my family (hint) arrive!

P.S. The day has arrived and here is my post! By the way as I look at some of the other authors I am particularly honored to have been invited to take part in this writing project!

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10 Responses to “The 3six5 project”

  1. Now you’ve got me intrigued! Sounds very cool and can’t wait to hear more about it, Mel.

  2. Can’t wait to hear yours. Have a great celebration time with your family.

  3. Sounds very cool! And … what a way to keep us waiting; and wondering. It is funny that I read your post as I was listening to The Classics IV “Spooky.”

  4. Rebecca Henderson says:

    Really nice post! The part about the lights on the tree reminded me that it’s much more than a coincidence – I think, anyway – that the shortest day of the year is so close, calendar-wise, to Christmas. As the days very gradually get longer from Dec. 21 or 22 to Dec. 25, we’re reminded that Jesus is the Light of the World.

  5. Wonderful post, Mary Ellen. I totally agree with you about the Christmas lights, I love the extra glow during the winter time. We just took ours down yesterday.

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