This week I will wrap up the fourth and final part of my twitter 101 guest series with Maria Peagler of Social Media Online Classes. Maria just unveiled a terrific twitter infographic as part of an excellent article called 64 ways to improve your twitter marketing. It provides easy to understand information for those still baffled by twitter. In this, my fourth and final guest appearance on Maria’s twitter courses, we talk about ways to market your business on twitter. From free product offerings to regular participation in twitter industry chats with like-minded business professionals, you can grow your reach and business presence by using twitter in a professional manner.

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10 Responses to “Part 4: Twitter 101 Guest Series With Social Media Online Classes”

  1. Thanks for the wonderful tips. I love the infographic–it’s a great twitter checklist to make sure you have all of your bases covered and are making the most of twitter.

  2. “Using Twitter in a professional manner…” That seems to be the challenge for me – not using it professionally, but all those who don’t. NOW … you’ve made me think more about using T to find those chats that may be of great benefit to me as a Leadership Coach and Facilitative Consultant. I am following many in my field, I now must talk more with them. Thanks!

    • maryellen says:

      So glad this post helped you out Jeff. Yes, I only ever use twitter in a professional manner. I truly don’t have time for anything less!

  3. I had never even thought of using Twitter for chats with others. Thanks for the ideas about how to use this media in a way that is useful for my business!

  4. Great advice. I love taking part in Twitter chats. I always meet the most amazing people and get a huge influx of new followers after participating. They can be hard to follow at first, but the well moderated chats are worth it. Thanks for the video.

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