This is the third part of my four part guest twitter tips series for my friend Maria Peagler at Social Media Online Classes. Maria and I actually met on twitter and I’m glad to help her out (absolutely no affiliate marketing here, just helping a virtual and mastermind friend!) Maria asked me to create some guest posts to accompany her online social media instruction for small businesses and I was glad to do so. Now she’s allowing me to re-post them here on my blog. Today’s topic involves the array of free twitter tools out there and the one that is my preferred method of monitoring twitter. (Hint: Not long ago it got a lot of publicity for being bought by twitter for a cool $40-$50 million.)  For windows users here’s a good article on the array of free twitter tools available to you. Also, Mashable has this excellent article on twitter desktop apps. What’s your favorite twitter app.?

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10 Responses to “Part 3: Twitter Tips from a PR Pro”

  1. I used to use tweetdeck, currently using Social Oomph. there are so many new apps coming out all the time that my head swims, really. ARGHGHGH! Thanks for your tip about how much you like this one.

    • maryellen says:

      Thanks Sue. I know people who use Social Oomph. Would enjoy hearing how you like it? My Tweetdeck lists/columns have worked really well for me so I’ve stuck with it.

  2. Definitely more to check out than my feeble brain can seem to handle most of the time! BUT, with experts like you allowing your Gift to flow to us out here, I will be able to make sense of it all. For that, and for you, we are all Grateful!

  3. I use tweetdeck on my iPhone because it’s great for keeping up with conversations at a glance. I also like socialoomph but now I’m giving hootesuite a whirl.

  4. I’ve been doing hootsuite and like it pretty well. But now I’m going to give both Social Oomph and tweetdeck a try. It helps so much to benefit from others’ experience. Many thanks with making this techie stuff understandable and helping me know where to start!

  5. Thanks, Mary Ellen. i need to learn more on tweeter so these tips have been helpful.

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