Part 3: Twitter Tips from a PR Pro

This is the third part of my four part guest twitter tips series for my friend Maria Peagler at Social Media Online Classes. Maria and I actually met on twitter and I’m glad to help her out (absolutely no affiliate marketing here, just helping a virtual and mastermind friend!) Maria asked me to create some guest posts to accompany her online social media instruction for small businesses and I was glad to do so. Now she’s allowing me to re-post them here on my blog. Today’s topic involves the array of free twitter tools out there and the one that is my preferred method of monitoring twitter. (Hint: Not long ago it got a lot of publicity for being bought by twitter for a cool $40-$50 million.)  For windows users here’s a good article on the array of free twitter tools available to you. Also, Mashable has this excellent article on twitter desktop apps. What’s your favorite twitter app.?

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