A Conversation on Social Media and Communications Trends with Carl ‘N Dave

MarketingMel visits with Bob and Carl on AM 910 WJCW "Thinking Out Loud"

The popular talk Tri-Cities radio talk show “Thinking Out Loud” has been a wonderful place to talk about social media, business and communications trends and strategies. I’ve been honored to be on the show from time to time ever since I started my business, MarketingMel. Dave Hogan and Carl Swann are beloved radio talk show hosts who are favorites with Tri-Cities business professionals. I recently paid a visit to the Carl ‘N Dave show on AM 910 WJCW to talk about my trip to the Inbound Marketing Summit in Boston. From mobile to video and even the passing of Steve Jobs and former Apple evangelist Guy Kawasaki’s reaction, we covered the information in a fast-paced 12 minutes. Veteran radio man and trend-watcher Bob Lawrence was filling in for Dave that day as we talked new media and more. (Click here and on the “Listen to Podcast Digital Social Media Breakthroughs.”) What are some subjects you would like to hear discussed in our future “Thinking Out Loud” conversations?


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