• Great video. No wonder we are so overwhelmed. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • maryellen says:

      Thank you Kristina. Our media consumption is a bit overwhelming isn’t it? I never thought about living between a virtual world and a real world but in fact we do!

  • Linda Pucci says:

    Interesting. I had never thought before about the 2 worlds we live in, but that is so true. And as entrepreneurs we have to be ready to have our brands present in all sorts of media–physical and virtual. Thanks for the thought provoking video, Mary Ellen!

    • maryellen says:

      I hadn’t thought about it either but now I am very aware of it. I believe that sometimes we need to unplug and be present in the moment.

  • Jeff Brunson says:

    What a grea presence CK holds. Thanks for sharing this. As she shared her thoughts on the two worlds, I couldn’t help but thinking about the power of Focus for both the entrepreneur and leader.

  • Thanks for having CK on ….great points on your brand. So important, because online is so over saturated…..
    Thanks for sharing

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