Three Things to “like” about Facebook’s New Business Pages

What will Facebook business page changes mean to you?

What will Facebook business page changes mean to you?

So far I like (pardon the pun) the new Facebook business page changes. Here are my three key takeaways as someone who is administrator for several pages.
1- Greater emphasis on photos- For me this is a good thing. My “products” are generally professional business people whom I help to build their personal brand. (The most recent is Marcy Walker who will launch her re-election campaign for Johnson City city commission Wednesday.) People love to look at photos of other people so for MarketingMel (and politicians everywhere) this is a positive change.

2- Getting e-mail alerts from Facebook-I think every Facebook admin found it a bit squirrelly that Facebook could alert us of changes and comments on our personal pages but never on the sites we admin. Hooray. Those days are over.

3- You get to be yourself– In the past we could only comment and “be” the admin of the business page. We could not be ourselves. Once again Facebook has listened to its users and is allowing us to switch identities back and forth as needed.

For a great step by step video walk through of the changes please check out Social Fresh’s Jason Keath’s excellent demonstration. You can also add to an excellent conversation on the subject at MarketingMelPR. Please comment here to tell us what you think of the changes. I’d love to hear from you.


  • Jeff Brunson says:

    Very interesting. I’m so ignorant that I did not know there was a difference in the beginning. That’s why I’m glad I decided to set my page in my name and let that represent me and my work. After all, like you and many others, my work is me and I am my work.

    Hmmm … shouldn’t that be the case no matter what our business?
    Just saying.

    • maryellen says:

      Jeff, I actually struggled with the personal/business thing on FB for a couple of years. I too thought I was one in the same. But since starting my business page in November I can really see the benefits of having the two separated. Analytics is just one of those reasons as is a different audience. I’ll be happy to share more in our social networking seminar next Tuesday.

  • hah, Jeff… your honesty. Once I think I have it figured it out, they change it on me.
    Appreciate the advice Mel!

  • Sue Painter says:

    I think the new Facebook changes are great steps in the right direction, now I need to study up about how I can best make use of the changes. Thanks for such a succinct write-up!

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