What’s a short, effective form of Valentine’s Day communication that pre-dated twitter by more than 100 years? The candy heart of course. The limited space on those little hearts packs a powerful message in significantly less than 140 characters. Our personal brand – communicated in one savory morsel. A quick bit of research found marketing exec’s at twitter and Sweethearts candy thinking along the same lines. This year the candy hearts will feature a “tweet me” slogan along with 79 other tasty tid-bites. Yet another great way to get out a brand message in a short, concise and delicious marketing channel. Happy eating, er, tweeting.

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5 Responses to “Tweet Me: Social Media and Valentine’s Candy Hearts are the Perfect Match”

  1. Very cool !!! Now, if only Twitter tasted that sweet to me!

  2. Nicole Sikora Heschong says:

    Love it – glad these candies continue to evolve with the times. Nothing like a mouthful of tasty relevance! 🙂

  3. It is definitely marketing savvy to add the “Tweet Me” to these little hearts that everyone knows and loves.

  4. hah, thats a great way to look at it Mel. Thanks for sharing!

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