Heinz Ketchup: A great example of social networking for business

Heinz Ketchup version 1.0

Recently I had to purchase some ketchup at my local grocery store. For me there’s only ever been one brand of ketchup: Heinz. What caught my attention on this trip was the label. In bold letters complete with an exclamation just under the Heinz name was “Ketchup Lovers, Unite!” Followed by a “find us on Facebook” note and logo.  Even my teen-aged cashier said, “Wow, Heinz is on Facebook” as he passed the bottle along to the bag boy.  

Of course I couldn’t wait to get home and “like” the Heinz site along with more than 439,000 other ketchup aficionados.  The tomato giant has embraced social networking and created an extremely clever video contest with an adorable winning video (The Kissable Ketchup) that you won’t want to miss. Kudos to Heinz for once again being a brand leader.

Now, would you please pass the ketchup?

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