Newly elected Washington County Commissioner endorses MarketingMel

It was great to receive this letter of endorsement from Washington County Commissioner David Tomita who was sworn into office last week.

MarketingMel with client David Tomita

“I hired MarketingMel after getting acquainted with her during the highly successful Dan Eldridge Campaign for Washington County Mayor. I saw what she was able to do for Dan, who like me, had not previously run for political office. I hired MarketingMel for both PR consultation and news release writing and placement. She took care of getting the information out via print, web and radio and I know that I got more coverage in a more professional manner than I would have with anyone else. MarketingMel is a refreshing change in the Tri-Cities political PR market and I would definitely recommend her. Feel free to contact me at davidktomita [at] or call me at First Tennessee Bank should you have any questions. I will be glad to provide a reference for MarketingMel.”


  • That’s awesome! It would be interesting to hear your insights into the nuances that make PR for public office different than PR for a company.


    • MarketingMel says:

      Thanks so much for your kind comments J.R. I was just wondering how you were doing the other day. You are a great example of a virtual friend and I always appreciate your encouragement. One day when we meet in person I will share some of my compare and contrast thoughts. Suffice it to say that the key similarity is of course, creation of a personal brand.

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