Prego, Pepsi and Pickles: Malcolm Gladwell tells how spaghetti sauce changed marketing forever

I am a huge fan of Malcolm Gladwell. The Tipping Point , Blink and Outliers are game changing books and must-reads for people interested in sociology and human relationships. Recently, Gladwell’s 2008 talk at TED about spaghetti sauce and human variability has been making its way across the twitterverse. It’s so important to any student of marketing that I thought I would post it here as well. Dr. Howard Moskowitz, whom Gladwell spotlights, says that fundamentally people don’t know what they want and often won’t tell you. The psychophysicist’s food studies led us to an understanding of human variability that carries through to cancer treatments today. Perhaps it’s why social networking has skyrocketed because a Facebook photo, an individual’s tweet, a resume on LinkedIn or a YouTube family video, each emphasize our uniqueness. What’s your take on Prego, Pepsi and pickles?



  • Thanks Mel for this great video. My husbandand I read Blink and we love the author:)

    • MarketingMel says:

      Thanks Mirella. With your study of social behavior I thought you would find the video interesting. Blink was fascinating wasn’t it? Especially how our gut reaction to a college professor is *always* right! I recommend any of Malcolm Gladwell’s books.

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