Even Dinosaurs are on Facebook: This T-Rex enjoys social networking

T-Rex has his own Facebook Fan page

This T-Rex's Fan page is visible in the lower right corner

While vacationing with relatives in Buffalo this week we made our first destination the Buffalo Museum of Science to see its fantastic new dinosaur exhibit. What made the 3-D robotic dinos exceptionally interactive was that each giant had his/her own (and regularly updated) Facebook Fan page. An interactive computer monitor is displayed in front of each mega-animal’s exhibit so you can learn more about the “human” side of these Jurassic friends. The posts are both amusing and clever as in the one for T-Rex whose interests include “meating someone.” According to Mark Sommer’s Buffalo News article  titled, “T-Rex wants to be friends with you,” the idea was the brainchild of Thom Furtado the museum’s director of operations and exhibits. Furtado says no one had ever used Facebook to interact with a museum exhibit like this before but something tells me this certainly won’t be the last time. My prediction: You’ll be getting a friend request from a stegosaurus near you soon!

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