Flip-flops, Pink Toenails and the Nike Swoosh

Each spring I can hardly wait for the day when I get to peel the heavy, leather shoes off my feet and toss them in the back of the closet. It’s officially spring when I don a pair of flip-flops, wriggle my toes and feel the air rush through them. This season I selected a pair of Nike brand flip-flops at Dick’s Sporting Goods. So far they’ve been worth every penny of their $27.99.  Unlike the no-name-hurt-your-feet variety of cheap sandals, these flip-flops are soft and cushioney– the next best thing to walking on sand. I really didn’t think anyone would notice a pair of simple flip-flops but I was wrong. Just today the Vietnamese man giving me a pedicure commented on the color and the cushion of my sandals. Several other people who aren’t that close to my feet have also remarked on the flip-flops’ look and feel. My question is…is it the swoosh?  Is it Nike’s powerhouse brand drawing attention to my feet? Or is it the pedicure? What are your thoughts?

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