MarketingMel quoted in Kingsport Times-News on Social Media for Business


It was nice to wake up Sunday and see the alert for the Kingsport Times-News article on Social Media Marketing with quotes from MarketingMel. It’s been an unusual few days. I had an undergraduate student interview me about social media for her ETSU term paper. Then the article appeared in the Kingsport Times-News Sunday. Then last night I bumped into a women who is working on her dissertation on social networking who wants to interview me.  Her husband had seen me on TV chatting with 11 Connects Sara Diamond about social networking. Interestingly both the graduate and the undergraduate student were very interested in the ethical and legal implications of social networking. I have plenty of ideas on that and will share some in this space.  I told her I would be glad to sit down with her after May 4th and share some of my presentations on social networking for business that I’ve presented to business groups across our region. For now I am completely covered up with the PR for Dan Eldridge’s campaign for Washington County Mayor. Two weeks from today is election day! If you haven’t already done so be sure to check out the web site my former n-tara colleague Tim McLeod and I created for Dan. We just posted a fun video that I shot with my little flipcam of Dan’s kids talking about their dad. People always enjoy seeing a candidate’s family before they go to the polls. When I come up for air I plan to write about how Facebook reminds me of dating. See you after the election!

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