Lemonade: Autobiographical for MarketingMel



The movie Lemonade speaks to me on many different levels. On February 19th it will be one year since I was given “my wings” from a digital marketing agency and with that, the chance to fly. If you haven’t seen the 35 minute movie about what creatives do in life post-agency watch it here.

It hit me on so many levels. When I was a little girl growing up my father always encouraged me to pick myself up after any fall and “take your lemons and make lemonade.” On another level I have a nephew with cystic fibrosis (you’ll understand more if you watch the movie.) Moreover, I feel I not only have worked with the people in the film but I could be one of them! Like them I rise early each day now. I’m excited at the blank piece of paper that was handed to me and with it, the opportunity to create my own company and destiny.  I’ve been blessed with fantastic PR Clients and just today another business owner identified me by my personal brand, MarketingMel. Time to sip some lemonade!


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