Is twitter the new black?

MarketingMel speaks at Women's Expo

MarketingMel asks is twitter the new black?

Recently I gave a talk at the Kingsport Times News Women’s Expo at Meadowview called “Is twitter the new black?” I freely admit that title is not my own creation. Rather, I had seen it on a couple of blogs including that of The Times editor Jennifer Howze who says the following:

“Forget about ‘the new black.’ For many women I know, Twitter is the new e-mail. It’s more immediate, feels more like a personal conversation, and unlike your overflowing Outlook inbox you can control whose messages make it on to your screen.”

As someone who has been very active on twitter for over a year I quite agree! Email seems like a bit of a dinosaur in the face of a quick DM to catch someone’s attention. And as Howze says instead of a monologue to monologue conversation, twitter lets you be part of an online sharing of great links, photos, fabulous friends and more.

Recently I attended a local chamber breakfast when several people (tweeps) whom I had never met in person came up to me following the event. Each of them said, “There’s MarketingMel. Hey, MarketingMel! I follow you on twitter.”  Ah, the power of social media in action.

So, is twitter the new black? When it comes to personal branding, you might say it’s even better.


  • Hey @MarketingMel. @jraugustine here.

    I see email and twitter as complementary, rather than adversarial. I like the fact that I don’t have to choose either/or, but can have both/and.

    As a marketer, I see each of these tools as having unique purpose. Email is still the tool of choice for one-way communication. Twitter is an outstanding tool for two-way (or multiple) communication.

    I see a lot of “newbie” twitter users trying to use twitter as a one-way tool. They basically flood the twittersphere with announcements about their business. That type of one-way communication misses the value of twitter. Twitter is more of a two-way tool. New arrivals to twitter need to quickly learn to develop twitter conversations.

    That brings me to my final thought…

    I’d love to see a post completely dedicated to reputation management. I think Twitter is a fantastic tool for reputation management. It gives business owners an extremely rapid means of addressing issues, and business owners need to quickly address negative issues (as well as positives) before the general public is allowed to create their own image of the business.

    Keep up the good work. I’ll probably see you on twitter later today.

    • Thanks @jraugustine. I know what you mean about the flood of one way DM’s on twitter. It’s amazing how handy that block button can be! I’ll think about your reputation management idea for a new post. It’s a terrific suggestion. Meanwhile, I actually see email and twitter as different tools. When you need a lengthy, personal direct message email is still the perfect choice. DM’s are great for their speed. Thanks so much for writing!

  • Stephen Newton says:

    Hi Mel,
    Wow, it looks like you’re going great guns! Congratulations. I’ve been working with Jane Hillhouse as a strategic partner as well as my own clients from my previous life. Send me an update at some point in case we can bring you in on a project.

    Steve Newton

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