Top Ten Reasons the World Needs PR people

David Letterman

David Letterman

David Letterman’s recent public indiscretions got me thinking about my own career as a public relations professional.  As long as there are people in the world those of us in the public relations profession will have job security. All humans stumble, but some just happen to do it much more publicly than others. So to use Dave’s own top ten list: Here is why there will always be a need for PR people.

10- Politicians and political candidates will keep running for office

9- Companies will want to engage with and not run from their customers

8- Executives will need to know how to look/speak and talk on camera

7- CEOs will need someone to see the long term strategy not just the short term dollars

6- Individuals and companies will seek out new ways of communicating with their customers via the next great twitter, Facebook etc.

5- Public officials will stub their toes and have to make public mea culpas

4- Companies will need a crisis communications plan in place in order to thwart disasters

3- Someone will have to advise the reigning emperor that he is not wearing clothes

2- (Speaking of no clothes) Late night talk show hosts and movie stars will be unable to keep their pants zipped

And the number one reason there will always be PR people:

1- Oprah will keep feeding the media machine full of sobbing apologies and the public will continue its thirst for more

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