MarketingMel at ActionCoach workshop

MarketingMel at ActionCoach workshop

Yesterday it was my honor and privilege to speak about social networking to a group of regional business owners. Many of the folks there were coached by ActionCoach Curt Henry and Master Coach Lee Huffman led the business planning portion of the presentation. It was great to be surrounded by other small business owners who are also trying to make their way in the current business climate and fascinating to hear their struggles and challenges. Curt, whom I met at our regional consultants group meeting, invited me to participate. Kudos to another executive coach, Jeff Brunson, who recommended me. I called my presentation: ” What me tweet? Why business owners should care about social networking.”  We had a great conversation using real world examples of companies that have successfully used social media and those who have chosen to dig their heads in the sand. After I showed the social media revolution video I asked the business owners how it made them feel. One said, “old.”  Another said, “excited.”  I was thrilled for him. He immediately got it and he sees the incredible opportunities that are out there to build brand awareness and engage in direct relationships with customers through social media.

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