Social Media Networking at Johnson City Kiwanis


Wendy Bishop (right) and I after our Kiwanis presentation

Wendy Bishop (right) and I after our Kiwanis presentation

If ever there’s a group of folks that knows about networking it’s the Johnson City Kiwanis Club. Civic clubs have been networking for years. Now social media presents the same opportunity, only online.

Wendy Bishop from Tri-Cities Regional Airport and I teamed up to present to the Johnson City Kiwanis Club Wednesday, June 24th. I gave an overview presentation with some fun pictures illustrating the use of social media marketing and how it is one tool in the PR tool box. I then told the stories of three real-world people who have used twitter, LinkedIn and online forums successfully in their businesses.

Wendy took it from there showing how the airport has used twitter and Facebook as well as its TCRA blog to better communicate with customers. 

I used to be a member of the JC Kiwanis Club and it felt just like a homecoming. Everyone was so kind in welcoming me back. Thank you!


  • Daniel says:

    Man, you’re really hitting the social media circuit hard. Kudos!

    • Thanks so much Daniel. I have always greatly appreciated your encouragement when it comes to social media. In fact we are a great example of a virtual friendship. We’ve never met and only spoken on the phone once or twice but I do so appreciate and value your friendship.

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