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Josh Smith, WJHL-TV

Josh Smith, WJHL-TV

Many, many thanks to Josh Smith, anchorman at WJHL-TV for his resounding endorsement of me as a social media and personal branding thought leader. He titles his blog post “Social Media Love or Hate.”  Josh is exactly right that social media is about connecting with people on a personal level. In Josh’s case, even viewers who have never met him feel like they know him because  he visits their living rooms each day. (You’re at the Miller residence every morning on the big screen Josh!)

Yesterday I met with David Cate of  the Kingsport Times News online publication, GoTriCities.  We both envisioned a time when e-mail will go away altogether. (We can only hope, right?)  That’s because there are now faster, more efficient ways to connect with people. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are three good examples.

Today one on one connections and conversations along with genuineness and authenticity are the ingredients of true communications. Gone is the corporate wall.  To paraphrase President Reagan, “Tear Down that wall Mr. CEO!”  People want to connect with people.  It’s that simple.

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