Think National, Embrace Technology


My last company taught me two things in the course of my one year stay there: Think national, embrace technology.
Think national:
Just a few months into my last job I found myself on the phone with a PR rep. of a Fortune 500 company (our client). I had arranged for their VP Marketing to be interviewed by a reporter for the American Marketing Association’s magazine. My entire view of the PR world changed forever that day. I met friends for lunch later and told them, “I’m doing everything I have always done only now it’s at a national level.” Think national.
Embrace Technology:
As I began to launch my PR/marketing enterprise two weeks ago, the web was the first place I turned. There were my LinkedIn contacts, my Facebook friends and most importantly my twitter network. Twitter was the place I had established my presence as MarketingMel, and where my peers had already ranked me as a thought leader in the field of sales enablement. It was through twitter that I immediately got PR leads and made important new contacts. Embrace technology.


  • Ilene Lefland says:

    Hi Mel,
    Alas, another pink-slipped Cornell PR pro! Mine is from a financial services agency in NY/CT. Love your blog…I can definitely relate. Only I had my reality meltdown in the middle of my yoga class last Sunday. So much for serenity. Good luck with the new venture. I will be doing some freelance work and going back to school to fill the void. Better days are coming…

  • maryellenmiller says:

    Thanks Ilene. Sorry about your yoga meltdown but I certainly understand. There is something about Sundays. I guess it’s because we are finally at rest and the grief catches us off guard. I remember that it felt like someone had thrown a piano on my back that afternoon. But I am definitely beyond that now. Hope you are too or will be soon. School is a great idea. Good luck. Mel

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